View Full Version : Low Gap Clear Whiskey

11-15-2010, 17:06
Another day, another unaged craft whiskey, but this one intrigues me because it is made in association with Germain-Robin, who distill some amazing brandies. The little announcement is pasted below; I emailed them to see if I could get some more information about it. Apparently, they tasted it at WhiskyFest San Francisco. Did anyone give it a try?

Quick items: Whiskey from the 16HL antique Germain-Robin cognac still. We knew this small still was special but lacked pure evidence until Crispin Cain started making a whiskey on it: perhaps the cleanest and softest whiskey fresh off the still that one can imagine. Itís so good that we changed our plans and now introduce Low Gap clear (unaged) Whiskey. Distilled from malted Bavarian hard wheat, it is definitely not crude moonshine: flowery and soft, with a great finish. 42.7% abv, $45.00.