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03-15-2003, 18:58
It's been a long day today. I started a class at Bellarmine in Louisville , this morning was the first one. After I got out I thought since I was near by to head up to Cave Hill Cemetary . On the way over I stopped at a Liquor store to give the once over for dusty old bottles. And I found them. They had( emphasis on Had) a bottle of Old Sunnybrook BIB rye from the American Medicinal Spirits Company. Distilled in 1917 , bottled in 1933. There's quite a bit of loss to evaporation but the seal is intact. It still has a nice amber color and is still clear , no signs of oxidation. Someone wrote on the label that they bought it sometime in March of 1935. Maybe in 14 years , I can have a sip of something that was made a hundred years previous. That would be the Find! At Cave Hill I visited several gravesites of the Great Old Bourbon Men. On the way home I stopped at an architectural salvage place, they have it going there. One thing is sure the prices preclude me and most others I believe from making a bad impulse purchase. http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

03-15-2003, 19:09
Hey Bobby, you should watch this auction... If it fetches what the guy is asking (I doubt it! hehe) you should list yours just for the hell of it.

Check out this auction (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3214261789&category=13 916)

--> Mark R.

03-15-2003, 19:35
Way to go Bobby! You should take more Saturday classes out of town ... for medicinal purposes, of course!

03-15-2003, 20:55
Could I be so Lucky, Mark! That seems a little steep , I'd take half that for mine! http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

03-15-2003, 20:57
Cliff I'd like to get out more , but you see I'm under strict orders from my Doctor............. http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif

I forgot, he also had a couple Old Forester Wax sealed with the Private label "Pendennis Club" on them. Maybe later , they didn't appear to be going anywhere judging from the dust on them. The Pendennis Club is where the Old Fashioned was created for an old soldier who didn't like the taste of Bourbon . I think I have seen variations of this story about ( Name of Drink Here) made in ( New York City, or Chicago) , I guess Louisville needed to feel all grown up.... Not that I don't believe it , I do , I mean, they wouldn't just make that up, Would they?