View Full Version : Lismore is what?

12-07-2010, 22:00
Does anyone know if Lismore (the unspecified single malt regularly available at Trader Joe's, here in Nor Cal) is still Glen Rothes?

I'm a fan of Glen Rothes and although I've never tasted the Lismore, I was somewhat intrigued recently. The folks at TJ's have a holiday gift pack--three 200 ml bottles of Lismore for $30. One is the regular 80 or 86 proof, the second is 100 proof, and the third is 21 years old.

Having lots of experience with old bourbon and rye, I'm trying to taste as much well-aged Scotch as I can. The oldest has been a 20 year Glen Rothes (from those 100 ml tri-packs), Highland Park and Macallan 18. I'd really like a full bottle of something, so if anyone can suggest a good 20+ year old Scotch that's within the $100 dollar range I'd appreciate it.