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12-13-2010, 07:51
Hey all. I'm new to the board and want to introduce myself. I'm a huge beer fan with a fairly extensive cellar - last count we had over 16 cases cellaring with a good selection of rare beers. High gravity beers, including bourbon barrel stouts, and sours are the emphasis of my collection. I've also been homebrewing for 2.5 years or so; my best homebrew so far was a 12% RIS.

Loving the craft beer scene, I started reading about the craft liquor scene about a year ago. I got into some phenomenal gin (Plymouth, Bluecoat) and Absinthe (Vieux Carre), along with good equipment, bitters, and techniques.

From there I became interested in bourbon. Right now my collection consists of: Booker's, Baker's, Knob Creek, 09 Stagg, 10 WLW, Bulleit, Old Forester Signature, Willett 6 year, Corner Creek, Ancient Ancient Age, 1792, and Four Roses Single Barrel. I'm currently looking forward to a bottle of WT 101 from the in-laws for Christmas.

I'm excited to discuss bourbon with the members of this board. I'm also interested in dusties, but I don't have a very good idea of where to start; any helpful tips would be appreciated.

With my beer interest I've done quite a few tastings with other members of BeerAdvocate. (username: w113raf) I'd love to do some bourbon tastings or some bourbon/ bourbon barrel beer tastings as well if any SW Ohio/NKY members are interested.

12-13-2010, 16:01
Welcome to SB Roger. Glad to have you. It looks like you have some pretty good bourbons to start with. Maybe check a few old threads here to get some more ideas of what to try next. Some other members might chime in too. As for me, I would suggest anything with Weller on it. :grin: That's a starting place anyway. :rolleyes: Cheers and enjoy! Joe