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12-27-2010, 06:01
I have been trying to find a single source list of all of the currently available Bourbons. The "Brands" button that opens this website deadends and I have not been able to open it up. I am told that there is a good book out there (Amazon?) that has a definitive listing. Seems I saw something in Bourbon Magazine, but can't seem to find it now. Do you experts have a suggestion?

12-27-2010, 06:52
There really in no single list of all currently available bourbons. There are too many variables, some bottlings only available in certain states (or even just one state) available in countries other than the USA, bulk bottlers doing one off bottlings, stores having private bottlings done.

It's an impossible task, as any current list will be out of date before it's published.

12-27-2010, 07:07
I'm hardly an expert, but I think if some one wanted to know all the bourbons available, the thing to do would be look up all the distillers, and non-distiller producers, and list all the different bottlings they currently have. Do we also count variations that are only sold as exports to Europe and Japan, or obscure stuff that most will never see?

12-27-2010, 07:24
I agree about the complexity of such a list. Using the distiller/brands listing I have come up with a list of about 180 different labels -- no ryes or blends. I have 151 of them in my "collection" now. I don't count vintage issues like the 2009/2010 Old Forrester Birthday bottlings. I found a bottle of 23 yo Evan Williams at the HH distillery - supposed to be only for Japan so I didn't list it on my "want" list. I have it now. Thanks to all. I just thought that I was overlooking an asset that was known to everyone except me!

12-27-2010, 08:19
No one knows everything that is out there so we have this site it's like the Borg the general collective of everyones knowledge. And No I'm not a trekie :hot: Just beating some smart ass to the punch.

12-27-2010, 08:32
This is about the biggest list I have seen.


12-27-2010, 09:04
This is one that I maintain on my website. It doesn't have individual releases for each year, but I tried to compile all of the American whiskeys and brand names currently in use:


12-27-2010, 13:50
This is one of the best lists I've seen:


12-28-2010, 04:53
He's missing the A Smith Bowman Distillery.

12-28-2010, 06:25
The biggest problem is that there are so many micros and "cat & dogs" out there that such a list would be enormous.

Something that I foolishly took on was a "whiskey tree" of macro distilled American Whiskeys arranged by distiller and mashbill.

It's here: http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15005

12-28-2010, 11:20
So much whisky, so little time.

12-29-2010, 10:00
Wow. I hit the mother lode. Thanks to all. It will take me a little time to assimilate these lists.