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03-21-2003, 14:46
Do any of you have experience with building and maintaining a sucessful coolerdor? If so what type and size of cooler did you use, what type of humidification do you use, did you line with spanish cedar, any humidity problems? I am thinking of putting one together this weekend. I am wanting to buy a couple of boxes of different stuff, but not a large humidor.

03-21-2003, 20:43
Get what ever size you think you will want. Mine is a 50 qt. Check it to make sure the lid seals good. Wash the inside down with a simple soap without perfume smell and let it dry in the sun. I did'nt line mine with cedar I just put my smokes in cedar cigar boxes. The humidifying device is a tuperware container that is aproximately 4X7X1.5 inches. I use the floral foam thats specifically used wet. Cut it to fit your small container. Drill as many holes in the lid as you can. Charge the foam with a 50/50 solution of Propylene Glycol ,which is obtained from a pharmacy if they have it , and water. You can get something like Griffo in a cigar store if all else fails. Never fill the humidifying device full with the solution. It has to have room to take water out of the air to maintan 70%. All you have to do is add water when the humidity drops below 64% and your in business. I have less than $25.00 in mine and I can get more cigars in it than I will smoke in a couple of years.

05-15-2003, 09:10
Put mine together a couple of weeks ago and it works beautifully. I used the Glad throw-away stuff and poked lots of holes in the top. Wal-Mart had a sale on 30qt coolers, so I am under $20 for the whole shootin' match. Got a pint of Propylene Glycol from my wholesaler for $4 and I make my own 50/50. Should be set for a while. Only 1 problem: I have already run out of space. I guess I am holding 200 or so cigars in their boxes. I just got a box of Maya Gigantes (about 8" long") and the box won't fit without sitting it up on its end. I guess it's off to Sam's (Club) to get a 150qt. Good problem to have I guess http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

05-16-2003, 19:36
The green foam like stuff the florist put the cut stem flowers into is the what is in the humidifying devices. Also, just line the cooler with spanish cedar strips out the cigar boxes. The most important is the hygrometer. Here in St. Louis the humidity is so high, my basement is reading a 68% humidity. That's good enough to just leave the sticks in their boxes.

05-16-2003, 21:42
Remember that you dont have to put a 50/50 solution in again. The PG doesnt evaporate only the water does. When it needs to be recharged just add distilled water making sure you leave enough room for the PG to pull water out of the air if the humidity gets too high.

Burp the coolidor about once a week to get an air exchange and make sure your babies look and smell alright. If you run into a problem with the humidity getting too high add more cigars and or cedar. When the humidity drops below 64% it usually needs to be recharged with water. I try to keep mine in the 64-68% range and I usually dry box them for a 64% or a little lower smoke. Seems to take on a better taste especially for the robust smokes.

07-21-2003, 20:38
I have a large, 75+ qt. coolerdor and also a smaller, "travel" coolerdor. I lined both with Spanish cedar that I got from cigar boxes. In my large coolerdor, I use the foam that you can water plants in, and for the smaller one I use a 150-cigar humidify device that would normally go in a humidor. I've never had any problems with it, and typically keep my cigars @ 62%-65%. Once a week I pop it open for just enough to give me a look around!


10-17-2003, 07:26
Jeff, my buddy maintains a page with a "How to build a coolerador" portion. the link is www.keenwebs.com/herfindex (http://www.keenwebs.com/herfindex)

Scroll down the page to the bottom where you will see "Fred D's How to Build a Coolerador" This will also help you trouble shoot any problems you run into.