View Full Version : Need a (mini or 200 mL) bottle from 1988

01-27-2011, 18:34
Greetings everyone!

When last I made a request for a specific year, the generous folks here at SB.com came through as expected. Special thanks to StraightBoston and bourbon-n00b for their help - my dad was surprised at the thoughtfulness of the bottles I found from his birth year.

This time around, I am browsing for a more recent year - 1988. Granted, I am thinking the tax strips were gone by then, but still there are ways to tell a bottle is from that specific year, right?

Anyway, if you've got a mini (or 200 or 375 mL bottle - nothing too big) from that year and would be willing to part with it via trade, PM me and let me know. I've got til March 5 to secure the bottle, so take your time and search around if need be.

Thanks in advance for all of your help everyone,