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03-16-2011, 01:11
I feel as i'm certainly no stranger to bourbon but am certainly new to the site. Not sure exactly what drew me to having this being my favorite spirit of choice but it has certainly been the favorite for a long time.

Live in the southwest part of Minnesota, where the selection of spirits at the local stores are really pretty good, in fact some may almost not believe how good they are. I'm going to be posting some recent purchases in another thread-hold on for that, you may not actually believe it.

I'm also very fortunate that when I get to go back to visit my folks, that they are not too far off from what many consider to be a mecca for all spirits, beer and wine-at least thats ay thoughts, and yes, I'm talking about Binny's. The Naperville store is close one to them, although, the Plainfield site whould probably be pretty close to about the same distance, but never have gotten over there.

Fortunately my wife does support the habit of the visit, but always doesn't understand the purchase rational. "You're getting how many???"

I''ve been very fortunate over the years to acquire some really great bottles, some that are currently bunkered are AH Hirsch 16yr, 2005 Sazerac 18yr, Parker Heritage collection, Pappy 20yr to name a few. I new they werespecial when I got them, and as I read more, I really am going to appreciate them even more in the years to come when they get uncorked.

Some current open bottles that are in rotation are Russell's Reserve Rye, just came back to that after some time, really sweet at first, but great nonetheless, Van Winkle Family reserve rye, MM 46-christmas gift-need to spend some more time to get a better idea, haven't pinned down a opinion on it yet, George Dickel No.12-always a bottle of this, great on the rock, mixed or whatever, it is my Tennessee of choice. And rounding out the line up is another bottle of AH Hirsch 16yr that I've had open for a while and have decided to revisit after stumbling onto the group here.

Been reading a lot of the posts, and have got to say, looks like a ton a knowledge, and a great group of people.


03-16-2011, 06:41
Brent welcome to the site.

Finally starting to warm up here in Minnesota, thank the Lord!

03-16-2011, 16:08
Yes, the 50+ temps and sun sure do make the day a bit more enjoyable. Was a amazing drive up to the cities this morning with some light fog in the fields, Stunning...

03-16-2011, 17:11
Welcome and enjoy. I have a son in Rochester. Enjoy the thaw!

03-16-2011, 17:12
PS- Try Four Roses.