View Full Version : St Pappy Day

03-17-2011, 18:57
Okay...I give props to St. Patrick's day and will enjoy a pour of the Irish's best. HOWEVER, what do you guys think of creating a St. PAPPY'S day?? I propose May 21st (it's a Sat). Everyone try and have a pour of Pappy's and show respect to some of the best American whiskey made. What's everyone think? :D

03-17-2011, 19:24
If I could get Pappy's around my neck of the woods, I'd love to tip a glass in his honor. :grin:

03-17-2011, 19:42
Hopefully any in the Van Winkle line would do. If so I could hopefully get ahold of some VW 10yr/107 by the end of May.