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04-05-2011, 17:13
David Driscoll's excellent K&L blog has news of another new independently bottled Bourbon, Cyrus Noble, which is being sold by Haas Brothers importing. This seems to be another one that is being straightforward about its status; David says on the blog that the juice is 5 year old Heaven Hill.

The Haas Brothers website actually has some interesting history of the brand, which was apparently a major brand in the west during the late 19th century.

I'm probably unlikely to run out and buy this one, but it has an interesting backstory and I'm glad to see independent bottlers who are open about their product.

04-05-2011, 23:31
Interesting. I've seen plenty of the Cyrus Noble decanters from the '70s or so, and always passed them up. Once at a party some young kid had some in a bottle--taken from his grandfather's bar or something. It actually wasn't bad at all. Upper lower-shelf juice, IMO (if that makes sense).

04-05-2011, 23:55
Here is all I can contribute. There is a Lynchburg, Ohio, and it is in the vicinity of Cincinnati, though in my research about the Cincinnati whiskey business I came across distilleries located on just about every radius out of Cincinnati except northwest.

I never came up with the Cyrus Noble name in the context of Cincinnati-area whiskey history.

I don't know anything about the provenance of this ad but it always struck me as something made in the modern era but made to look like something from the 19th century, but that's purely speculation.

So I don't know if Cyrus Noble is a real pre-Pro brand or just a post-Pro brand with a pre-Pro legend.

Pre-Pro.com does show a Freiberg & Workum Distillery in Lynchburg, Ohio, with offices in Cincinnati, selling a Cyrus Noble brand, but it says nothing about Noble as a real person.

The name 'Lilienthal,' which figures prominently in the Haas Brothers story, appears nowhere in the Freiberg & Workum history on pre-Pro.

I'd guess mostly fiction with some facts for window dressing, sort of like that other man's-name whiskey from that other Lynchburg.

04-06-2011, 08:25
Cyrus Noble whiskey decanters were a big thing in the 1970s. I have one full Cyrus Noble decanter from the Gold Mine Series in the bunker.

Here is an active auction for an empty decanter:

04-06-2011, 11:31
I wonder if this is similar to Chatham picking up the Michter's name, a marketing company with no connection to the original who obtained the rights to a brand name and appropriated all of the history (both fact and fiction) that went along with it.

03-05-2012, 16:48
Bumped into this thread as part of an investigation into the history of distilling here in Oregon; specifically a Google search on "Cyrus Noble".

It was definitely a pre-Pro brand. Below is an advertisement from the Oregon distributor, Van Schuyver. The ad appeared in the June 2, 1900 edition of the Portland "New Age".

I'm guessing Van Schuyver brought it in barreled and bottled it here. Many local antique stores have old whiskey bottles with "Van Schuyver" molded into them. Whether there was also a paper label attached for "Cyrus Noble" I do not yet know.

The Portland area did have its own whiskey distillery until 1892, located in Troutdale (present location of McMenamins Edgefield distillery). The destructive event occurred during the interim between the state conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties, leading to rumors that the Republicans burned down the distillery to deprive the Democrats of whiskey during their convention.

03-05-2012, 16:56
The Boss, Cliff and I had a nip of the current revival at a bar in Healdsburg when we were out there last summer, same trip we met you, Scott. It was good liquor.


03-05-2012, 17:14
The Boss, Cliff and I had a nip of the current revival at a bar in Healdsburg when we were out there last summer, same trip we met you, Scott. It was good liquor.


I've no doubt that a carefully selected 5yo barrel of HH juice could be good.

BTW, if I find myself down that way this coming summer, I hope to have a bottle of pre-Pro rye with me to share with bossman and anyone else who happens to be around.

03-05-2012, 17:45
The Portland area did have its own whiskey distillery until 1892...

Please note the correction (post originally stated "1992" :blush:)