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04-18-2011, 13:37
Hey everyone,

I've been lurking for a little while now; I'm on a few other (mostly scotch-focused) boards but had kind of an eye-opening trip back to the midwest a few weeks ago and got a good view of the stuff that just doesn't make it out to southern California. Now, of course, I'm obsessed with trying to find the stuff (as well as having a near-religious encounter with PVW 20 a few weeks back - though it doesn't seem to have shown up yet here).

I thought I'd just drop a hello and look forward to chatting with you all!

04-18-2011, 15:56
Welcome Reg. Glad to have you. Pappy 20 huh? :grin: I would suggest setting your sights a bit lower, and then start working your way up the ladder. You might get a better overall idea about bourbon that way. But, to each their own. As long as you enjoy yourself, it doesn't matter. It's all good. :cool: Cheers! Joe

04-19-2011, 05:53
Greetings, Reg! Might I suggest climbing down the VW line (and or the Weller line, which is sort of a parallel track), I think you will like what you find (and it'll be easier on your wallet than the PVW20.)

04-19-2011, 11:49
Hey Reg,

According to the RVW facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/oldripvanwinkle/posts/166478940073923), the CA allotment shipped
on April 11 so you might wanna put out some feelers if you're really
interested. Don't be afraid to "settle" for the PVW 15. It's a very
tasty drink at about 1/2 the cost of the 20. I'm just sayin'...

04-19-2011, 16:13
Hey all, thanks for the input. I saw the shipped allotment; I've been checking in every place I know. I have a bottle of the 12 Lot B which will likely open soon, at least as soon as I make a little more room on the shelf.

I'm definitely hoping to try others in the line; the 20 blew me away (and fortunately, my last paycheck was extremely generous. :) ). I'm definitely willing to try virtually anything - except my acquired-in-college aversion to Evan Williams black label will take some time to get over (young & dumb at the time).

I'm definitely a fan of the Weller line; I'm going to mark myself as some pay-through-the-nose sucker but I thought the William Larue Weller from this year's BTAC was incredible - one of the best I've ever had. It had an unbelievable nose on it.

Looking forward to learning more!

04-19-2011, 16:34
Hey everyone,

I've been lurking for a little while now; I'm on a few other (mostly scotch-focused) boards

If there are any good Scotch boards, I'd love to know about them....:grin:

Anyway... welcome..... Pappy 20 is a fantastic pour..... You really cant go wrong with any of the Van winkle/Weller line...

Drink Well !!!!

04-19-2011, 17:02
I've been lurking for a little while now;

Was that you? I thought it was Iggy.
Welcome aboard!

05-23-2011, 12:44
Welcome to the clan of Crazy/Obsessed Boozers, you'll fit in nicely if you're joining up after having PVW 20. LOL.

Let me know if you find any Pappy 15 around LA, I haven't seen any since the fall...when I scored the only bottle I ever saw...good luck!