View Full Version : apple brandy - virginia vs north carolina

B.B. Babington
04-29-2011, 18:38
I picked up a bottle of Carriage House apple brandy from Lenoir, North Carolina. Those hollers have a long history of untaxed material so I thought this may be interesting. The label says copper pot distilled and has a mark for barrel #45 (handwritten with signature) which made me optimistic in spite of no age statement and the $30 price tag.

well, not too enthused. little nose. initial sip was mundane. bigger sip was a bit harsh but no aftertaste, sort of like young distillate with the Woodford Maple final finish but no prior aging. I couldn't immediately place the harshness, perhaps youth or less attention to distillation.

suspecting my palate may be off, I went to 7 year old Laird's of Virginia for comparison with is at the same price point. Much more refined. Some nose, good subtle flavor and definitely could taste the barrel, good mellow finish.

Then back and forth between the two. To my taste, the Carolina product tasted young. Real young. White dog young. It had color, but that may be from the apple.


06-04-2011, 12:48
I have tried to like the Carriage House but it does not do much for me other than give me terrible headaches.
I just purchased a bottle of Asbach Uralt in hopes of a better experience.