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04-30-2011, 10:13
Wow! What a vault of knowledge here!

Hello from Alaska. I must say that my spirit of choice for the last couple of decades or so has been vodka. And, good vodka at that! However, a couple that we get together with for poker from time to time would always bring over a bottle of Maker's Mark as their preferred beverage. I never really had any desire to sample their pours. Then I was at the liquor store not long ago and decided to pick up a bottle of MM for myself just to see what they saw in the stuff. I thought, not bad! As a matter of fact, that was pretty tasty! I then was talking with a guy at work who is a bourbon drinker who mentioned that his preference was Knob Creek. So, I picked up a bottle. Jeez! This is even better than MM!

I have since tried Buffalo Trace; nice and mellow - a keeper. And, I picked up some Wild Turkey 101. Whew! Good tasting whiskey, but I felt like I almost had to throttle back a bit. Heck of a punch on the front side, but interestingly enough, it seemed to smooth out on the way down. I'll give it another try here in the next evening or two.

My wife is blown away about my new found source delight. She can't believe the fact that I haven't even had a desire for a vodka tonic since my first pour of bourbon. Oh well. Sometimes change can be a good thing!

In any event, I enjoy checking out this site daily. You folks post some very interesting and insightful information here. Thank you! I might be somewhat limited as to the availability of certain brands up here in AK, but there is enough of a selection to keep my palate happy.



04-30-2011, 14:19
Greetings, Macguffin!

The search engine will lead you to lots of info, lots of friendly folks and lots of (mostly) friendly disagreements about the merits of this or that bourbon.

Enjoy the ride!

04-30-2011, 23:07
Thanks, Tom!

I can't believe what I've been missing all of these years.

Here's to new endeavors!

05-01-2011, 05:43
Hi Steve,

Welcome aboard! You're going to like it here. Super people with a wealth of knowledge to tap into. Enjoy the journey and be sure to join us in the Gazebo for chat sessions.

Where about in Alaska are you? Beautiful state to live in for sure. Before I got married and had a son I used to make two trips a year up there. One trip to Sitka in June and the Kenai River in July. A freezer full of salmon/halibut and a ton of great memories.

Dave in Seattle

05-01-2011, 11:10
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the welcome. I really enjoy surfing this site.

Alaska is a very beautiful state. I live in Eagle River, which is a burb about 15 miles outside of Anchorage. It is a nicely balanced community with a small town atmosphere and most city amenities available only 20 minutes away. Great place to raise a family!