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05-14-2011, 14:18
Hello SB'ers,
I introduced myself last month, and thought I would send in a little update on what I'm learning about bourbon and preferences.

I am a little disappointed that I was unable to score some PVW 15, but as I think about it today, it might end up being ok. I find the two bourbons I reach for the most are WTKS and OFBB 2007. So, it looks like I am preferring the rye recipes.

I read a suggestion somewhere on the site about trying some rye to learn more about what rye lends to bourbon. I found a local hand made rye - Monterey Rye by Fog's End (Gonzales, CA). It is very light in body (90 proof), but it has been a great way to learn about rye's qualities.

The SB community is wonderfully knowledgeable, and I am slowly, but steadily working my way through the site's wealth of information. Thanks to all of you. It's good to be here.

05-14-2011, 18:14
If you're looking to learn/love rye, find a $20 bottle of Rittenhouse BIB: spicy pecan pie in a bottle!

05-15-2011, 07:29
Thanks, Tom. Pecan pie is one of my favorites, so I'll try the Rittenhouse!

05-15-2011, 11:51
I dunno about the Rittenhouse for that purpose. It's a tasty drink, but it really tastes to me and a few others like a high rye bourbon rather than a rye per se. You might sooner try the Sazerac, Van Winkle Family Reserve, WhistlePig, or Wild Turkey straight ryes to get a better impression of the kinds of flavors that the rye grain brings to the table.

05-15-2011, 16:15
For a rye I would also throw in the Bulleit if it is reasonably priced in your area
I would not buy it in WA

05-15-2011, 16:21
For a ryed bourbon I'd suggest Four Roses Single Barrel.
And to really taste a great ryed bourbon call Binny's and get their private selection of Four Roses Barrel Strength OBSK recipe.
Also you should give Old Weller Antique 107 a try, I think that's a wheater that just might do the trick for you.