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04-25-2003, 11:54
Does anyone have any information on Carl Beam. Master Distiller at Jim Beam.

04-25-2003, 12:17
Carl was the son of Park Beam, who was Jim Beam's brother. As a young man during Prohibition, Carl went to California to build roads for the CCC. After returning to Kentucky, he worked in the family's rock quarry on the site of what is now the Jim Beam Clermont plant. Carl, along with his father and brother Earl, worked at the reconstituted Jim Beam Distillery after Prohibition, along with their cousin, Jim's son Jeremiah (Jere). Jim and Jere were the businessmen. Park, Carl and Earl were the distillers. When the plant opened in 1934, Earl was 27 and Carl was 24 but evidently the better distiller, since he became Master Distiller at Beam, assisted by Earl, who eventually left to become Master Distiller at Heaven Hill. Carl became a vice-president of the James B. Beam Distillery Company in 1959. He retired in 1974. He was married to Edna Janes. Carl's sons Baker and David also became distillers at Jim Beam.

04-27-2003, 21:27
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Booker Noe, was trained in the art of making, the world famous, Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Beam) Whiskey...by none other that the "Dean of all Distiller's"---Carl Beam---


Bettye Jo Boone
7th Generation Jacob Beam
Greatgrandaughter of Joseph L. Beam