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10-27-1999, 17:29
One of the aspects which I enjoy most about a good bourbon is its ability to pair with a good smoke. Nothing can quite match the sensation of having a little Booker's in one hand and a Don Carlos in the other. And that is just one of many. Although I'm always experimenting, it is not possible to think of and try them all.

So, if you also like to have a good pour and a good smoke, what combinations work for you?


11-04-1999, 10:24
My favorite combo is a Padron 2000 and some Makers Mark. Another good one is an AF 858 with Bakers. There is nothing like a nice fall evening with football, bourbon and a smoke. If I'm doing something more active, like chipping balls in the back yard Ill go with something that can be half ignored and still enjoyed. In this case, an earthy Nicarguan or Mexican smoke with some Jim Beam works pretty well. Straightforward enough to enjoy while doing something else, and cheap enough that dropping it in the wet grass isnt a tragedy.

11-14-1999, 15:33
Try a Montesino Ceasar #2 with Makers Mark. Jim Beams works also. Stay away from the Maduro wrapper. Go natural or sun grown.
Maduro ruins the bourbon.
If you can get hold of a cuban Cohiba Siglo II, use the Makers Mark. Shoot anyone who wants to bother you tho.

11-19-1999, 10:33
My favorite is a Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story ( yeah it's small but it doesn't overwhelm the bourbon) and some Hirch ( Michters) 16 Year Old. The 20 year old doesn't have enough left to stand up to a cigar, and I think is best enjoyed by itself.The 16 on the other hand stands up well.

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11-19-1999, 14:08
Well, if you ask me, and you did, I prefer a Pappy Van Winkle double corona(yes, we have cigars), with a neat Van Winkle Family Reserve 13-year rye.
Julian Van Winkle

12-03-1999, 19:09
My personal favorite for weekly consumption is La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve #2 in Rosado with Basil Hayden's.

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12-04-1999, 13:34
Where would I find them? They're not flavored are they?


02-17-2000, 10:34
I enjoy a glass of bourbon with a cigar often, and can solemnly avow that the following combination is *outstanding*: L&G Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select with a *small* splash of distilled or spring water, with a carefully lit Romeo y Julietta Vintage VI (this is a beautiful but tempermental cigar: unless lit carefully, it will burn unevenly, which -- especially with this torpedo -- does affect the taste).

Both are quite good on their own, but I find the degree to which each complements and enhances the other simply astounding.