View Full Version : Brinely Rums....yum, yum

06-16-2011, 17:48
I took some quick samples of my Brinely rum purchase...Shipwreck Spiced, Golden Rum Vanilla and Coconut.


All I can say is delicious summer evenings are ahead. This evening is very nice here and as I was grilling some steaks I poured the spiced first. What I found in comparison to say Captain Morgan was a smoother spiced presentation. No harsh notes and very tasty...a good mixer too.

The Vanilla was also very smooth and did not overwhelm the nose while it offered nice vanilla notes on tasting...nothing artificial here...just straightforward real vanilla bean taste.

The Coconut was also smooth and did not have the suntan coconut oil like nose that some others have, like the Captain Morgan Parrot Bay (though it is tasty too). The Brinely coconut has a stronger alcohol note on nosing..even a mint like quality.. and the taste reflects a more natural coconut taste. Veru much like one would expect from a real coconut....yummy straight on ice or mixed.

Note to Binnys.....please start distributing as Brinely is not available in Illinois yet.