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01-23-2001, 20:02
Later this week I will be in KY. I have some of the better known Van Winkle products set aside for me. The 15yr 107 Proof 20yr Family Resserve and the 13yr Family Reserve Rye. But, what about there other products. The ones you don't always see all the reviews about. The 12yr Old Rye, the 10yr 90 Proof and 10yr 107 proof KSB. The 12yr Special Reserve. I only have so much money to go around. and I have some of the Buffalo Trace premium products and A.H. Hirsch 16 & 20yr coming back with me. Just seems I never read or hear a lot about these other Van Winkle Products. I have to feel they must be decent Bourbons. Any and all comments in public or privatge are appreciated. Thanks in advance, Creggor.

01-24-2001, 01:22
Berghoff 10 year 107 proof is one of my favorite bourbons bottled by Van Winkle. I assume it is the same as the Van Winkle labeled version.

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any Van Winkle product.


01-24-2001, 07:00
The ones you mentioned always reading about (15yr 107 Proof, 20yr Family Reserve, and 13yr Family Reserve Rye) are the stars of the Van Winkle show. The others don't seem to get the same "airplay", but most companies would die to have any one of them in their lineup. There are also others that you might not even realize are Old Rip in different clothing. Bill mentioned one, Berghoff. Twisted Spoke and Old Commonwealth are others. I'm sure Julian can add more. By the way, many believe that the better of Van Winkle ryes is not the 13yr Family Reserve but the 12yr old. In fact, for me and everyone I know who's ever tasted it, the 12yr Old Rip rye is the best rye whiskey available, period. It even edges out over Sazerac 18yr (barely, but consistantly).


01-24-2001, 17:01
Julian has a real talent for picking barrels of bourbon that will age well. All of his products are excellent.
Mike Veach

01-24-2001, 19:47
Hello, John. Thanks for the opinion on the 12yr Van Winkle Rye. Get this today I called The Party Source in Florence KY. I started asking about some special items. I was talking with Robert and he says when ever he gets in a lot of the better and harder to find Bourbons he has some collectors that comes in and buys the all. Guess what I asked Robert if it was you and he said yes. I said I know. John Lipman (meaning you) had given me his name and number to call. Any how Robert has set aside a few items for me this coming saturday. I may take back a 12yr Van Winkle Rye along with the 13yr. Now if I can only find the time to come to the Braidstown Festivel sometime.. John I will give my regards to Robert for you when I see him Saturday. Thanks again for your insight. Creggor.

01-24-2001, 23:26
The Van Winkle 12 year Old Tyme Rye is my favorite in the Rye catagory. Wonderful Rye whiskey!

It is a bit unnerving though, to know that my husband is known in most of the liquor stores in Northern Kentucky! (actually, I think that we are both known there pretty well!)


01-31-2001, 19:36
Hello, Having returned this past Sunday from a brief trip to KY. I brought back with me some of the 12yr & 13yr. Van Winkle Rye's. I have tried both the past few night. All I can say is I wish I had been drinking these the past 20yr over Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. I found both to be marvelous examples. I like them both and for the price.. I all ready have a call into my sister in KY. Asking her to go and get me additional bottles of this for my return trip this summer. I am also looking foward to trying the 18yr Sazerac Rye. I only have 1 bottle so when she tells me she has 2 more bottles in hand I will crack the one I have here. I seemed to really enjoy the flavors that rye has to offer. Creggor.

05-29-2006, 19:56
...By the way, many believe that the better of Van Winkle ryes is not the 13yr Family Reserve but the 12yr old. In fact, for me and everyone I know who's ever tasted it, the 12yr Old Rip rye is the best rye whiskey available, period. It even edges out over Sazerac 18yr (barely, but consistantly).


Sigh. My last one is open right now.:toast:

05-29-2006, 20:42
Sigh. My last one is open right now.:toast:

Enjoy it! I have 1 1/2 bottles left and am savoring every drop. Definitely the best rye I've ever tasted. The Family Reserve comes close, but the Old Time Rye gets the edge.

05-29-2006, 21:29
I've never tried the 12yo, but have 2/3 left in the bottle that I picked up in England back in late 2004....:bowdown:
I'm savouring every single drop I pour :cry:

05-29-2006, 23:58
just wandering....... since all van winkle products are made at the buffalo trace distillery now, are the van winkle whiskies atleast aged at their own rickhouse? or at buffalow trace's? i understand that the whiskey will be different, being made at a different distillery. but i would feel a bit at ease if i knew they'd use the old aging wherehouse.

05-30-2006, 18:26
So far as I know, everything is being aged at BT, including whatever is left of the SW stock that started its life in the ricks at SW. Van Winkle also had a warehouse at Commonwealth, outside Lawrenceburg, where he gave some of the barrels he had obtained additional aging, but I think that's long gone. I'm pretty sure everything is at BT now.

05-31-2006, 17:35
What happened to Julian?

With some of these older posts I see that he was involved here. From threads like this it looks like the van winkel distillery used to be trying new things, pushing forward with high quality products and such. Now it seems to be just another brand from BT with a set product line.

Makes me further lament the consolidation in the bourbon industry. I like the small producer mentality. I guess that's part of what I enjoy so much about the wine industry in california...


06-04-2006, 00:52
Don't worry Joel, Julian is alive and kicking I'm sure. He does post from time to time but he's a busy man. While BT might be producing his new stock, don't write him off the books just because the mystical S/W designation isn't there. The recipes are still there and I can tell you that if the change from Bernheim to BT distillate is as gentle as the S/W to Bernheim was per my taste in Chicago, he's going to be around a long time. As far as new products, there's no telling where the market might lead him as it bends and twists. And then there's Preston....