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07-20-2011, 18:29
Some bourbons stand out with their high rye content and contributing to distinctive flavors. Bourbons that I have heard to have the highest rye content include Four Roses Single Barrel and Old Grand Dad (with reportedly 35% or 37% rye in the mashbill) Bulleit Rye, Basil Hayden, and Old Forester. Highwest Bourye would also have to fall into this category, I would think.

What are the rye % of these various bourbons - and which one would have the highest rye content?

(I don't think that this has been addressed in other posts, but if so - sorry for repeating it.)


White Dog
07-20-2011, 18:44
Of the bourbons you mentioned, Bulleit is simply sourced 4R high-rye mashbill.(Although Diageo reps have falsely stated otherwise.:rolleyes: ) And Basil Hayden is the same mashbill as Old Grand-Dad. Bourye is a blend of Bourbon and Rye, so it wouldn't technically be a "High-Rye" mashbill, but I know what you're saying.

I suggest doing a search to find Josh's whiskey tree to further explore all the mashbills.

This is why I always ask the moderators to make the whiskey tree a sticky, to no avail.

Bourbon Boiler
07-20-2011, 19:11