View Full Version : BTEC 1991 rediscovered

07-26-2011, 15:21
Who has has this? I saw a few in my travels and I am tempted to pick one up. 19yrs old at 90 proof.....

So what's it like?????

Lost Pollito
07-26-2011, 15:33
Here you go Bird. :grin:

07-26-2011, 15:40
dude... I did a search and could not find it.....:skep:

Thanks, Joe !!!

07-26-2011, 19:25
I've had one and have two more bunkered. This was a really outstanding bottle. Only wish it was available in something larger than 375ml.

Fond memories to be later revisited someday...........


10-16-2011, 13:14
I picked one up last week. Huge nose, oak, vanilla, tons of caramel, maybe some molasses. I'm not great with descriptive vocabulary of aroma and flavor. Sweet and smooth, but not an absence of spice. it has a great lingering finish. I like this a lot!!!

Bourbon Boiler
10-16-2011, 18:45
I had a taste once, and I remember being impressed although I don't remember enough of the taste (or the evening) to recall the specifics. It's disappointing that it can never be reproduced.