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01-24-2001, 17:23
Got a real yen for bourbon? Want some Barrett's 21? Hanna & Hogg BIB? How 'bout Legend of the Wild West 15, Jazz Club 12, Cock of Walk 15, or Belle of Kentucky? Wanna play 'Guess the Makers' game?

Just when I thought I'd recognize most bourbon labels in the market, Tatsuaki Sakai's Bourbon World comes crashing my search engine like a tsunami. Talk about unfamiliar names! And lots of them. Check it out at www.bourbon-whiskey.com Can't read Japanese, but can click on the bilingual labels. We need a translator!


01-24-2001, 18:51
Wild Turkey Stampede? Oh wow!
Some of these are made solely for the Japanese market, others are similar to brands we know, but with different names. Still more, like Kentucky Legend and Heaven Hill bluewax 23yr old, are finer examples of brands we're familiar with.

If you want to be able read that webpage (maybe!!) you can run the URL through Alta-Vista's translator. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, if you enjoy a very zen koan reading - try it after a few ounces of fine rye) the Japanese syntax is very different from what most of us are familiar with. Following is a quote from the page concerning the aging requirements...

"Time, with bonded stipulation maturing period of minimum of 4 years it is necessary.
Four seasons divide clearly, summer in big Kentucky state of temperature difference of the winter, maturing advances to summer season quickly and in winter advances slowly. This way, the advancing of maturing changes largely in difference of temperature.
Furthermore, because with the one which is close to the ceiling of the warehouse room temperature is high maturing advances quickly, because with the one which is close to the land air temperature is low maturing advances slowly. In order to train the differential of such maturing uniformly, periodically position of the barrel is replaced periodically. Such job applying 4 repetition and time, it is matured sufficiently. "