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09-05-2011, 12:58
I found a bunch of 200 ml bottles of Distiller's Pride. NAS. Says distilled and bottled by Fairfield Distillery Co., Nelson County, KY. 80 proof, No UPC or govt warning. Has a tax stamp. Does anyone know anything about this.


09-06-2011, 08:30
Fairfield Distillery was originally in Fairfield, a town near Bardstown where the McKenna Distillery was also located. Schenley moved the name to a distillery in Bardstown, near the railroad tracks on Bloomfield Road. The warehouses there are still in use by Heaven Hill. Schenley got it when they absorbed McKesson Robbins. That plant stopped distilling in 1955. Thereafter Fairfield Distillery was used as a DBA and may still be used as one today. I don't know about Distiller's Pride, but I know Heaven Hill has many of the brands formerly associated with Fairfield.