View Full Version : Early times question

09-17-2011, 19:39
So the early times bottle says "aged at least 36 months in used cooperage". Is some of it new barrels and therefore bourbon (just what's in the barrel- not the final product)? Does this mean they can and probably do add coloring to it (since its not straight bourbon? Could they also add a neutral spirit to the mix and get away with it? I recall reading that it used to be labeled as "kentucky straight whiskey" if i'm not mistaken, and now it's just "kentucky whiskey".

09-19-2011, 12:41
I don't think they could add neutral spirit and get away with not calling it a blended whiskey

09-19-2011, 14:20
About 20% of the barrels are used. In every other respect, it's straight bourbon. No GNS, no coloring.

09-19-2011, 14:20
IIRC, ET possibly uses a mix of whiskey aged in both new, and used barrels when they dump for a bottling. Maybe a couple more people can confirm or dispel this. Joe

Ooops. Looks like timing is everything. Chuck took care of the answer.