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11-12-2011, 17:45
I really enjoy A'bunadh, as does my father in law. I was going to pick up a bottle for him for Christmas but was curious about the Aberlour 16 and what people thought of it. He also enjoys the 12 yearold and buys it more frequently due to the lower price.

11-25-2011, 20:15
If you're talking about the 16 year old double-matured version, I rate it as possibly the best whisky I've had. I got a bottle last Christmas and I have one drink left. I find it much more balanced than a'bunadh. If you care for tasting notes, here are mine:

Nose: rich, sweet, deep, and full. Certainly sherry but also licorice, wood polish, menthol, cherry syrup; proof that whisky doesn't have to be smoky to be complex. Water brings out vanilla and caramel. I can keep my nose in this one a long time.
Taste: bold and sweet with a strong alcohol kick for its age. Tons of malt. The sweet fruit is balanced by a sharper, more bitter herbal note which develops over time. Becomes oaky at the back of the mouth, with the vaguest suggestion of peat. With water, it is smoother and almost chocolatey on the palate entry.
Finish: beautifully consistent with the flavour development. Leaves pleasant wood and grape flavours that linger for a good length.
Balance: this whisky has everything I look for in a good malt. It won't satisfy peat-heads but it is not meant to; I believe peat would only smother some of the fine complexity here (in fact I've tried blending with a bit of Islay malt and it doesn't work). A powerhouse Speyside, and an example of how double-matured whisky should be done.

11-25-2011, 22:48
Thanks for the detailed response, I have had the 12 Year old, and A'bunadh and really enjoy them both. My father in law really enjoys both of them as well but tends to be more frugal and not treat himself to the nicer bottles. I picked up the 16 Year Old for him for Christmas and from your notes I think it will be a hit. I just might have to treat myself to a bottle as well.


11-26-2011, 18:40
An ideal son-in-law!

I really like A'bunahd and have not tried the 16, hmm, Santa may be bringing that!

11-26-2011, 23:15
I owe my Father-in-law since he was the one who got me started with this Journey after a glass of Makers.
I cant recall who pointed me to A'bunadh when I first wanted to try Scotch but I think it was Ratcheer (Tim) many years ago? I loved it from the start. I bought that for my Father-in-law for Christmas and he loved it. He was always a Makers or Glenlivet drinker and did not branch out much. He loves A'bunadh but has moved Aberlour 12 into a regular pour.
The 16 should be a nice treat for him.
Bourbon is still King for me, but I enjoy trying a variety of other things as well. I am slowly starting to appreciate Scotch though I have had limited tastes. I did pick up a bottle of Glenrothes Select which was on sale and find it to be very smooth and easy to drink, with a slight hint of peat. That and the peated Michael Collins single malt have peaked some interest in my taste buds.
The slippery slope just continues to take me further into the depths and there is no end it sight it would seem!


11-27-2011, 08:09
Let me know how you guys enjoy the 16. I simply can't bring myself to finish my bottle.

11-27-2011, 20:09
Aberlour 16 is simply amazing and I too believe that it is my favorite non-Islay whisky. Every time I drink it I am astounded by its roundness and balance, with just the right amount of succulent fruit and spice. Get it!!