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11-15-2011, 17:50
Hello all!

I have been reading your postings since June/July when I really got started in this love affair I have for Bourbon. I guess you can blame it on the KY Bourbon Trail or the Chapeze House in Bardstown or my buddy "BoilerBourbon", but I am hooked! If my wife knew what I have spent on bourbon in the last 6 months she would kill me! (BoilerBourbon, keep your mouth shut! :grin:)

I have really only been truly enjoying bourbon for a few months and find all of your posts very helpful while I learn to appreciate and identify all the different flavors and aromas. I started out as a big Maker's Mark fan as I would always tend to mix it in coke, and have rocketed right up the ladder to drinking the Van Winkles and BTAC neat! Now I am struggling to decide which are my favorites. But hey, I guess that is where the fun lies.

I look forward to being able to contribute intelligently in the forums and can't wait to engage in some of the discussions.

Bourbon Boiler
11-15-2011, 20:23
You have more than enough dirt on me for me to be dumb enough to tell your wife about your whiskey bill over the last six months. I'm glad you finally joined, so I don't have to do research for you anymore.

11-16-2011, 13:06
Where at in Cincy? My wife and I live in St. Bernard. I come from the beer world where a local group does a lot of tastings.

I'd love to do a bourbon tasting in the near future if you (or especially more experienced bourbon drinkers) are interested. (To all in the local area: send me a pm if you'd be interested in taking part.)

Are you a doctor (or does the MD stand for something else)? I ask because my bourbon drinking buddy is interviewing for residency programs right now.


11-24-2011, 21:15
Hi B&B, nope not a Dr. Just my initials. We are up in Mason. If you ever get a bourbon tasting organized I would certainly be interested in participating. Keep me posted.