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02-01-2001, 10:21
Has anyone out there in Bourbon cyberspace tried Thedford Reserve. They have a very clever marketing
position, "colonial style bourbon". The bourbon comes in a wooden case that contains 2 750 mil bottles and
a handmade wooden cask with a brass spigot. One pours the bottles in the cask and then serves the
boubon from the cask. The local distributor up here in Boston says it retails for $300 but he can sell me
the package for $150. What is the age/proof? Is it worth anywhere near that much or would I be paying for
the sizzle and not the steak?

02-01-2001, 11:19
Joe I've not had any Thedford Reserve, but at that price you can bet you're paying for a whole lot of sizzlean.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

02-01-2001, 13:16
It sounds like something Even Kulsveen would do for the Japanese market. I've never heard of the bourbon. As with decanters and other novelty products, the packaging is the star, not the whiskey.

"Colonial Style Bourbon" is an amusing claim, since bourbon wasn't made until after the Colonial period.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

02-01-2001, 13:36
More info on Thedford (colonial style) bourbon:
check out their website @ thedford.com.
They have a newsletter, "The Kentuckian",which is printed in the format of an 1792 colonial newspaper.
Good point about there being no bourbon produced at all during the colonial period. I guess this is what bourbon would have looked
like and what it would have cost it our forefathers made any in the 1700's. Must have been an awful lot of rich farmers
in the colonies to pay the equivalent of $75 (discounted) per jug.
Someone out there must have tasted this stuff. Save me a lot of money and let me know what it tastes like.


02-01-2001, 17:40
About 10 months ago a friend of mine in marketing at Brown-Forman called me and asked me to check out the story of "Thedford" who was supose to be from Jefferson County in the 1790's. If he was he is not in any of the census records or tax records of the county. I even checked under the name Thetford and Thedferd. Nothing. My opinion is that this is all marketing gimmick but if the bourbon is good more power to them.
Mike Veach

02-01-2001, 19:08
We have it. I don't think it's Even's. It's rather harsh and very young-tasting; not at all like any of Even's bourbons. You can also buy the bottles individually like any other bourbon; your dealer is selling you the "sucker box" -- two $35 bottles of whiskey and a nice, probably $49.95 retail, wooden cask with a stand and brass spigot, for $300. At a buck and a half, it might not be so bad... but be assured there's a lot less steak than sizzle here, and the steak is tough. We have white dog in our collection that's smoother than this bourbon. Hell, I've got solvents out in the garage that are (probably) smoother. It is 92.6 proof and no age statement.

The marketing, as Chuck pointed out, is ludicrous. Actually, you saw only a small bit of it. We also have the press kit for this whiskey, and they have a web site which you can access right here (http://www.thedford.com/home.htm). It tells the story of Josiah Thedford, how he grew up with his buddy, little Georgie Washington, and the long, proud history of the whiskey he distilled. I strongly suggest you do not visit the website late at night when your peals of laughter might awaken an irate spouse or kids who need to get up early for school tomorrow.

The label says "Josiah Thedford & Sons, Louisville", but the flavor says "McCormick, Weston Mo". The truth, though, is even stranger than that. If you examine that website VERY CLOSELY, peering into places where most folks might not go, you'll discover who actually markets Thedford Reserve. When you find out, don't tell everyone -- just say "I know", and drop me a private message. Have fun!!


02-05-2001, 18:41
I looked at the Thedford web site.

This is just so wrong.

I guess a fanciful history for a product is okay if it's done with a wink, but I don't see any winks here. Likewise the suggestion that pouring this whiskey into this barrel is going to improve it in any way. Is the barrel even charred?

Does the label actually identify the contents as "Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey"?

If the label on the bottle says Louisville then something, presumably bottling, has to have been done there. Brown-Forman has bottling facilities in Louisville. Who else does? Bernheim/Heaven Hill does not. There was a small bottling line at Fitzgerald that was installed after most of the bottling equipment was shipped to Owensboro. Maybe UDV cranked up that little line on behalf of the people who are marketing this thing.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

02-05-2001, 19:42
It is not Brown-Forman. Chris asked me about it several months ago and I checked into the story. He thought it was Bull and my research indicated he was right. It is not U.D. They do not have the facilities in Louisville to do it anymore. They are having their products bottled in Lawrenceburg Indiana at the old Schenley Old Quaker distillery. John Allison, the ex-V.P. of production for U.D. is running that operation. I have heard that there are some indepndent bottlers here in Louisville that are trying to get into the market and I suspect that this is the case. I hope they find some better products to market or they are not going to last long.
Mike Veach

02-06-2001, 20:03
Hiya John,
I did what you suggested and came up with McKendric as the return address on their email. Thedford Colonial is owned by Inovatec, Corp. out of Louisville.
The contact is Jim Razzino and the phone # is (502) 245.8867.

Blowin' smoke in Bardstown

02-07-2001, 11:38
Good work, Agent Scully.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

02-09-2001, 12:07
Yeppers, I was pretty impressed with myself until John told me my prize was a shot of Thedford....(second prize was 2 shots...good thing I didn't come in second, huh?)
The Brave Agent Scully...:o)

Blowin' smoke in Bardstown