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11-27-2011, 20:56
Recently I acquired from a family friend a half bottle of Crown Royal with a 1966 strip stamp. In Canada, this meant at the time the whisky was put on the market in '76, the youngest whisky in it (10 years old) was distilled in '66 and the oldest (30 years old per the rear label) was distilled in 1946.

I bought a current half bottle of regular CR to compare them.

The '76 CR is superior IMO in that it is sweeter, has a smoother, longer finish, and has a slight "cigar box" note that is very pleasant. It is very silky on the palate with well-integrated spicy notes which may come from the rye flavouring whisky in there.

The current one is quite similar though, just a tad less sweet, with a similar oaky profile. It has a slightly harsher finish which may denote the absence of 30 year old whisky in the blend, or possibly the rye flavouring whisky has a bigger voice in the current bottlings.

The current one would have been aged and blended in Gimli, Manitoba, and the older one in Ontario or Quebec or both.

Once again I give the nod to the older bottling but overall they are pretty similar, I expected more difference than there was.


11-27-2011, 21:29
To me, todays CR Reserve tastes like regular CR did years ago. I definitely think current CR has a younger overall blend of whiskey in the bottle!


11-28-2011, 05:19
I'll have to try it against Reserve Tom, but the current one was pretty close.


11-28-2011, 15:35
Hmmmmm. :skep: I wondered why I liked CR so much back in the day. :lol: Have you thought about doing a three way vertical and including Crown Black? Joe

11-28-2011, 18:35
Good idea. I'll try to amass a group of CRs for a comparative.