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12-07-2011, 19:03
Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been lurking/reading for awhile and thought I would formally introduce myself and get more involved in the board.

I am relatively new to bourbon. I have historically been a single malt Scotch guy. I have dabbled in bourbon for awhile, but got more serious about three years ago when I moved to Kentucky. Living in Kentucky, I feel like I am lucky enough to have access to some great bourbons. Some of my favorites are Four Roses Single Batch, Blanton's, and Weller 12. I also very much like all of the Van Winkle line (have tried all of the modern versions except PVW23 as well as Old Rip 15 and have loved them all) as well as Weller and Stagg from the BTAC. I tend to like some of the older bourbons. I assume the extra time in the barrel adds some characteristics that remind me of my previous love (scotch).

I appreciate the collective knowledge of this board and everyone's willingness to share their thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. I look forward to learing more and sharing what I know.


12-07-2011, 20:16
Welcome JJK. I am sure you will find it a great forum for learning and getting new ideas.

12-08-2011, 14:25
welcome. new guy from louisville here. figured i should start taking advantage of living in the heart of bourbon country.