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12-11-2011, 07:38
I was in Gazebo last night chatting with SB Vets who advised me to post an intro message so here goes.

Have always liked bourbon, but just became focused in the last 6 months when I set up an American whiskey bar in house. Just really never took to the single malt Scotch thing.....and the prices.

Bourbon....there's so much to like. Taste, flavor, variety, and American History. I'm a history buff so this is a natural. Love it that you can find an inexpensive bourbon, like VOB, that is so good.

SB is GREAT source of info for novice. Thanks to all VETS for sharing knowledge and patience for simple or repeated questions. I find myself spending way too much time here but that's the fun of it.

Have sampled a wide variety of whiskey, including rye, ryed bourbons, and wheaters. My taste preference leans towards wheaters, but I really like all 4R's I've tasted so far.

Have one bottle of VW-Lot B, and love it; but am turned off by the lack of availability and price. Keep tasting and reading SB to find, like everyone else, a substitute. Waiting for HH to bring back the Old Fitz brand to prior prominence. Right now WSR, and Antique seem like my go-tos. Trying to get my hands on Weller 12, but can't find in ATL.

Just sippin and smilin. :grin:

12-11-2011, 11:19
Welcome aboard. I'm a single malt scotch lover that turned to bourbon a few years ago, mostly because of the cost. I'm glad I did. I have come to really love and appreciate our native spirit; so much so, that I rarely buy scotch anymore. I still enjoy scotch quite a bit, but I find myself wanting bourbon more these days.

You'll find the regulars here are nothing short of amazing with the knowledge they have about bourbon (discounting myself...lol). Enjoy and learn.... that's what I do. :cool:

12-11-2011, 12:50
Welcome, Bill! I hope you enjoy your time here. Looking forward to meeting you at the next GBS new member initiation event. BigRich is heading up our hazing committee, and is promising several new things. :D

PS to other GBS Members: I recently fast-tracked Bill's membership application through committee, and awarded him instant membership due to the several benefits he brings to GBS. Firstly, Bill is an attorney, and disgraced former President of GBS Troyce, will be needing a good lawyer with all of his shenanigans. And secondly, Bill is a member at a private golf club here in town, and is always looking for a fourth for his weekly Saturday morning rounds....BTW group, I have decided to cancel our mandatory Saturday morning GBS group meetings indefinitely. ;)

12-13-2011, 09:08
Welcome aboard Bill, I don't know I would use the word vet I have only been here 3 years. It was good chatting with you the other night. Chat is usually more exciting Joe and I, I think were just a little slow getting started that night. Post away on the boards and come join us in chat again.