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12-17-2011, 04:46

Yep, You heard me right. Your store guys-or gals.

With the gift given season upon us, I've been mulling this one over for the last couple of weeks. My guys at my local favorite store have been good to me this year, I mean really good. Over the years when the BTAC and Pappy craze hadn't been at the crescendo it is now, acquiring these hadn't been too much of a issue. But with lately, you practically have to know the truck driver to get in on any action. They've helped me with these. That and they've really worked on getting in some new and interesting things within the store and have worked on some special request for me also.

And to top all this, they recently signed me up for getting a nice discount on my orders. Love being a VIP! :grin:

So i'm really feeling the need more than ever to give something back to show my appreciation for everything. Leaning towards gifting two bottles of something nice. Since there are two of them, I figure they can share a half a bottle between them and trade.

So now your thinking, but what do you get to the guy who generally has access to most everything?? Good question. And the answer is as aways, something they can't easily get.

At this point, I'm leaning towards parting to them a bottle of Angels Envy, and a PHC Wheater. Envy isn't here in MN and the wheater never made it south in the state, but recent fortune has granted me a stash. Them being both bourbon fans, I'm thinking these are two great choices.

I'm I nuts??? Maybe, but they definitely deserve something good. Many have talked about, myself included, that developing the relationship with your store is a must, it gets doors unlocked that you never had access to before.

So, something to think about for the weekend, I know that many have been good to you, so now is your chance to be good to them.


12-17-2011, 05:36
A little late for this year, but if they fancy Single Malt Scotch, look at Master of Malt's (English) website and click on "samples." You could get each a tasting of Scotch they would never have the easy opportunity to taste.

Just a thought/

Phil T
12-17-2011, 06:24
You make a very good point b. I too have a store owner who REALLY takes care of me..I've been thinking he definitely deserves more then just my repeated business, but I know nothing of his personal likes. I think alittle Q and A is in order when I visit next

Bourbon Boiler
12-17-2011, 15:45
Even without knowing tastes, if you can find something from the overseas mail order places that isn't available domestically I think you will be appreciated. Rum, Brandy, Scotch, anything unusual would show you put some thought into it and makes a good "thank you".

BTW, good idea to post. There are definitely some good retailors that recognize customers, and go out of their way to help - even when there's no advantage to the income statement.

12-22-2011, 12:48
Well, played out my not so secret Santa duties today. Kept with the original idea of the PHC and Angels Envy.

The look of surprise and the comments of "That's the good stuff!" was all that I needed. It was a much appreciated gift to the both of them, and one that I know will be enjoyed by both.

It was also fun to sit around a talk about the bottles for a bit also, they were very interested where I picked them up, especially the PHC. Slightly miffed when I told him where, because it was something that was acquired close and he had been trying to get some for quite some time from the distributer.

A great morning and a fantastic start to my Christmas weekend!