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12-17-2011, 15:05
Not wanting to share any of my good whiskey with people that wouldn't appreciate it, I set out a couple weeks ago to pick up something cheap for a party. Generally I would have reached for a bottle of Evan Williams, but by chance I decided on Virgin 101 for $10. Wow. In my opinion this stuff beats most bottles under $40. Evidently I'm not alone either. Jim Murray rated it as the top bourbon under 9 years old (http://www.scotch-tasting-bums.com/Blog,_Year_2/Entries/2011/10/26_2012_Whisky_Bible_Awards.html) (http://www.scotch-tasting-bums.com/Blog,_Year_2/Entries/2011/10/26_2012_Whisky_Bible_Awards.html%29). It may not impress you as much as it impressed me, but for $10 how can you go wrong? The one catch: it only appears to be available in a few states (including AL and NC).

What's your go-to bottle under $20?

Phil T
12-17-2011, 15:51
What's your go-to bottle under $20?

OE 101 $13.95
OC 10 yr $16.95
JTS BROWN BIB 20.95 for a handle
OFitz BIB $16.95/750 ml--$29.95 for a handle
OGD 114 $19.95

12-17-2011, 16:16
Under $20 is EWB, Ezra Brooks, WT 101 and OGD BiB.

12-17-2011, 16:33
There are several really good options under $20. Start with VOB, AAA 10YO, OWA 107, Old Ezra 101, Fighting Cock, and OGD BIB. My usual favorite is the Weller Antique but on any given day, they are all just delicious.

12-17-2011, 16:50
I have only ever seen it in alabama. And it is some of the best you can buy. Dirt cheap. Another Alabama only whiskey that Jim rated extremely high and is dirt cheap and is great is Dixie Dew corn.

12-17-2011, 17:35
My sub $20 favorites are OWA & EC12.

12-17-2011, 17:40
Wild Turkey 101
Old Ezra 101 7yo
Old Grand Dad BIB
Old Heaven Hill BIB
Fighting Cock 103

Rittenhouse BIB
Old Overholt
Wild Turkey 101

Mellow Corn BIB

12-17-2011, 18:25
Very Old Barton BIB
Weller SR

12-17-2011, 19:21
Being new to the Bourbon world, my collection is small. OWA is probably the only $20 bottle I have so far and I love it.

Coming from the collector wine world, being able to buy some of the greats for $40-$100 seems like such a bargain, and my friends and I can't (responsibly) polish off a bottle in one evening.

Bourbon Boiler
12-26-2011, 20:09
VOB is a good pick here. I just opened a bottle, having only sampled before at the distillery. On a night I'm battling a bad cold with a swollen throat, it meets the approval of whatever taste buds are functioning.