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02-02-2001, 19:14
I finally got logged in and just want to say I really like this Forum.
As the great rev. rodney l. king said c'ant we all just get along.
just kidding. my favorite bourbon is very special old fitzgerald
favorite tennesee whisky is george dickel no. 12

02-02-2001, 20:30
Welcome, Vasshopper. Nice choices of whiskey (in fact, I'm drinking Dickel #12 while writing this). What got you started drinking good bourbon and Tennessee whiskey? Got any good stories about your experiences you'd like to share? Your profile is a bit bleak -- do you live far from Kentucky/Tennessee? Are you Ms or Mr Vasshopper (or would you prefer not being specific)? Are there any little hoppers? (please, oh please, forgive me for this, but I just can't help it...) Are you in any way related to the great I. W. Hopper? (a collective groan arises that causes even the boys wrestling over there in the corner to stop a moment and go "eeyoooooo"). Okay, I'm sorry (heh heh, no I'm not); it's just my strange sense of humor. HEY JIM! When you get a minute, how about a glass of Old Rip Van Winkle 15yr for our new friend here!


02-03-2001, 14:11
Welcome Vasshopper!

You have great taste! Those are two of my favorite whiskeys as well. I've used the Dickel No. 12 to "turn" a good number of JD Black drinkers onto a better drink. If you like the Dickel No. 12, then try the Dickel Special Barrel Reserve. It is Special.


02-03-2001, 17:53
WELCOME ABOARD MATE! I'm new here as well, so if you have any questions, DON'T ask me! :)~

02-03-2001, 20:41
Hello, Vasshopper. I have tried the George Dickel Special Reserve and think very highly of the product. Have not tried the VSO Old Fitzgerald. If you like it try and get your hands on some the the 15yr Old Van Winkle 107 Proof. I think if you like old Fitz you will love 15yr VW. Enjoy, Creggor

02-04-2001, 08:35
Thanks everyone for the welcome! I've been reading all the posts on this forum
since we got on line and sure have learned alot from everyone.Lots of real good
information and advice.Been obsessed with bourbon and whisky for about a year and have tried about 75% of them and still searching and learning.I editted my
profile John, liked your sense of humor! Bill and Creggor, you guys were right about the Dickel special barrel reserve, thanks, also need to try 15yr old vanWinkle.