View Full Version : Happy Friday - Some Oldies for your Viewing Pleasure

01-06-2012, 14:21
I'm working at our main warehouse today and thought you guys would enjoy a pic of some of our oldies. These bottles are what originally led me to the forum a few years ago. Before anyone asks, No, I'm afraid I can't sell them to anyone. Just thought you might enjoy the pics.

Drink well this weekend!

And with all the Stitzel Weller stuff going around, I thought this bottle was particularly neat. Stamped that it was made 1940, bottled either 1946 or 1948 (kinda fuzzy).

01-06-2012, 16:04
Those fills are terrible. I think a QC check is in order!

Thanks for sharing.

01-08-2012, 22:31
Thanks for sharing the picture of these old bottles. I get a laugh out of some of these older label for the way bourbon is stereotyped, and Mister Kentucky definitely strikes me as one of these bottles.