View Full Version : Red Stag Honey and Cinnamon

01-12-2012, 18:07
I was a little surprised to see that Jim Beam has launched its latest flavored bourbons under the Red Stag brand. Red Stag was, after all, created for a cherry-flavored bourbon. Red, you know, like cherries.

Now if the honey and cinnamon products were cherry with honey (which sounds awful), or cherry with cinnamon (which sound pretty good), it would make sense. But shouldn't they be Gold Stag and Brown Stag respectively? If 'brown' sounds too pedestrian, how about Hot Stag? That would fly off the shelves.

Special Reserve
01-13-2012, 06:22
Looks to be a product for the 20 somethings and women. After all Beam is in the business to make a buck and stay in business.

A local retailer told me that Red Stag moves well. This will as well until the next hot style hits the industry.