View Full Version : Aussies check in Whiskey tastings this year

01-15-2012, 17:06
It seems us Aussies are in luck this year with a number of excellent whiskey tasting events coming to a number of capital cities.
Known events so far are:

Brisbane Whiskey Expo
Late Feb
details to follow shortly

Whiskey Live
www.whiskylive.com.au (http://www.whiskylive.com.au)
Perth Feb 21 & 22
Melbourne June 6
Sydney August 15

Sydney Whisky Fair
www.sydneywhiskyfair.com.au (http://www.sydneywhiskyfair.com.au)
Aug 31 & Sept 1

Who's attending, or interested in attending particular events? It'd be great to see our SB.com members in attendance supporting these events. Maybe we could organise a few get-togethers beforehand?

01-19-2012, 17:58
Hey Cam!

I could be coerced into attending the Brisbane event, let us know when you come across the date and times.