View Full Version : A $100, 50-Proof Beer

06-09-2003, 15:39
Looking for that really strong, expensive beer -- say, 50-proof and over $4 an ounce? Then check out Samuel Adams Utopias. Bring $100 to the register.



06-09-2003, 15:54
I saw one of these on a trip to Mystic CT last weekend. At first i didn't know what it was, then saw it said Samuel Adams... Then I saw the price! I remembered that bottling they did for the millenium, where bottles were selling on ebay after they were sold out for up to $700. It'd be something to try, but not to buy Thank you hehe. It was a very interesting 'bottle' though!

You can goto the link on Samuel Adams website about it here. (

06-09-2003, 16:58
I've seen it on Long Island for $149! I know I'll save that towards some Bourbon! http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/images/graemlins/drink.gif