View Full Version : Bottling code Old Weller Antique, and others

02-07-2012, 23:49
I got a somewhat older bottling of the 7 yo Old Weller Antique from the BT era (bottled in Frankfurt, UPC starting with 88004) and was wondering about the year of bottling. These bottles don't have a code printed/etched on glass, but there are some codes on the label.

The lower right corner of the back label states:


and the lower right corner of the front label states:


Is there any way to figure out the year of bottling? Not just for this one, but also others. I know how to read the BTAC codes, but that doesn't help me much with other Bourbons.


02-08-2012, 04:47
The number in the corner is the part number for that label.