View Full Version : Old Weller 375ml Odd Label Possible Explanation

02-17-2012, 19:41
I saw that there is a closed thread about this, and I thought I would toss in some added info. Sorry about the similar thread.

This is in regards to the Old Weller Original 107 375ml bottles that have an "84" embossed on the bottle.

I found a shop here in Dallas that still has several of these 375ml bottles. I bought one so I could examine it closer.

If you shine the back of the bottle against the light, there is a stamped serial number similar to the ones seen on Van Winkle products. Here is the one on mine:

13090807:16 (note: the "1" could be an "I")

If I read this correctly, it was bottled in 2008 at 7:16am. It fits the correct year just before they did away with the old looking label in 2009.

Also, the sticker has the "No" line in the top-left corner, but it hasn't been filled in.

Here is my hypothesis: They (BT) found a bunch of bottles from 1984 and decided to use them to save money and didn't figure anyone would notice. I have to admit the bottle shape looks old.

02-17-2012, 21:25
There should be a two digit number under that 84. Mine has the same label as you describe and the 84 on the bottom, but under that number in the lower right hand corner is the bottle date. Mine is a 00 meaning 2000. Also look at your UPC numbers. If it was 84 I believe it would be 88508. And if it's 2000 than 88004. The brand also carried an United UPC of 88076. At least it would be Louisville on the front label if bottled in 84. None the less very nice bourbon compared to todays OWA. Ed