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02-19-2012, 14:57
I found an Old Charter 8yr bottle that is a discontinued label. However, i am not completely certain how old it is.

i know some of you here have been drinking Old Charter for decades, and i want to see what year this might have been bottled.


1 Liter bottle. I have not seen any 1 liter bottles of alcohol. When did they stop making 1 liter bottles?
Label states it was bottled in Frankfort. Doesn't mean it came from Buffalo Trace?
The bottle has a 95 embossed on it. Could have been a bottling from 1995?
It is 80 proof with a screw on cap.
It says 8 years diagonally across the label.

Is this bottle from 95 and if so, is the juice any good versus the modern release?

Thanks in advance :)

T Comp
02-19-2012, 15:21
Probably a '95 and distilled at Bernheim while under the ownership of United Distillers, who had it from '87 to '99 after buying Schenley. Sazerac took over OC in '99 but who knows when the product changed to being filled with barrels distilled at BT versus Bernheim. Some like it and find a good butterscotch flavor and others not so much, so there is no magic answer on its goodness. I always though the 80 and 86 proof were very average even bland whiskeys. My wife's family from Mississippi drank no other bourbon than "Ol Chatta" and they had to bring a case to Chicago for our wedding in '86 because I couldn't find it here.

02-19-2012, 16:09
Liter bottles were first produced in 1978 and are still produced today!


02-19-2012, 17:07
what the others said. i've never seen an oc bib but have seen all the others. my favorite is the ocpr and classic 90 (louisville or frankfort).

02-19-2012, 17:25
Thanks for the answers everyone. Looks like i need to crack it open and see if it's worth a darn. Though echo the statements about 80 proof whiskeys, they are a bit weak. Good for mixin' not so much for sippin':drinking:

02-21-2012, 12:14
I have never had a bottle of Charter 8 y/o that wasn't bad. Consider yourself warned.