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Not sure about the veracity of the Old Overholt and Lincoln connection...possible...but I think
he must have consumed in his younger years.

He preferred water or the rare champaign.

No, normally Abraham Lincoln did not drink alcohol, at all; if so, it was on rare occasions.
A friend of Lincoln's once said Lincoln did drink lager beer, for an extended duration, though the consumption of the lager was actually the result of a physician's advice. The friend reported, "my impression is that he had run down from cold or something and needed building up, and was told to drink lager. He did drink it for quite a while, and that is about the only thing I know that he ever drank."

"Another contemporary recalled a prescription given Mr. Lincoln after the Quincy debate with Senator Stephen A. Douglas in October 1858. “I tell you, I’m might nigh petered out; I reckon I’ll have to quit and give up the race,” Mr. Lincoln said. George P. Floyd recalled that his wife suggested a “rum sweat” to which Mr. Lincoln projected “Why, I never drank a drop of liquor in my life.” She explained that it was “an external treatment so Mr. Lincoln agreed to submit: “Well, if you think it will do me any good, just crack your whip and go ahead. Any port in a storm, and, I tell you, I am mighty near overboard.”

"....“He drank little or no wine; not that he remained always on principle a total abstainer, as he was during a par of his early life, in the favor of the ‘Washingtonian’ reform, but he never cared for wine or liquors of any sort, and never used tobacco.” 41

The forgot the U.S. Grant connection to Old Crow.

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OMG, OMG....

Jono does an actual bourbon post !!!

Must've been an accident. Or else the lighting in the basement caused a mistake.

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Their is a lot of myth making and/or exaggerated stories re certain whiskeys and personages. On this site:

OLD OVERHOLT: The History of A Whiskey, Part II
Author Unknown, Edited & Expanded by K. R. Overholt Critchfield, © 9-1-1999

In the section titled: A Reputation Spanning American History

"During the course of the Civil War (1861-1865), General Grant and innumerable other officers and soldiers drank Overholt Whiskey. [In the book, The Day Lincoln Was Shot, the author says Overholt Whiskey was President Lincolnís favorite drink. -ed.]"

I don't see a reference for the information.

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