View Full Version : Evan Williams 1989 Whisky Live Paris 149.2 proof

02-19-2012, 23:36
Anybody know more about this bottling? I was perusing Serge's posts on Whiskyfun when I noticed this review from June 15, 2008:

Evan Williams 1989 (149.2 proof, OB, for Whisky Live Paris, cask #3865176) If I’m not mistaken, this was bottled at a whopping 74.6% ABV (as the proof scale in the United States is simply equal to twice the % alcohol by volume – is that useful or what?) Colour: amber – orangey. Nose: this is much drier and much more marked by the wood it seems, but the high alcohol may mask it. Vanilla. With water: wood, vanilla and rum (cane sugar, ultra-ripe bananas.) Far from being unpleasant but so much simpler than Scotch malt I think! Mouth (neat): it seems that it’s good whiskey indeed but it’s too damn hot for our fragile palate (call us sissies if you like)! So, with water: it got extremely sweet and extremely oaky. Not unlike a mix of melted bubblegum and sawdust. Right, I may exaggerate a bit. Finish: long, but sort of plankish. Comments: sorry, this is very far from my references so I won’t even try to score it. SGP:550.Could this be the highest proof ever for a bourbon or does GTS still have this beat?