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02-08-2001, 17:12
Hello, Today while in a local store I overheard a customer there asking one of the sales associates were there any carbohydrates in Bourbon. I could tell the sales associate did not know the answer. I told him the customer there are no carbrbohydratws and that Bourbon had 72 calories to the fluid oz.. It seemed his Dr. Had put him on the Atkins diet and he was concerned about the carbs. If there are no Carbs & Fat in Bourbon I must assume the calories have to come from Protein. He was curious what happened to the starch or carbs that are in the grain ie Corn. I really am not a chemist so I am asking for my own knowledge what does happen to the carbs & starch that are in the mashbill?? Thanks Creggor

02-08-2001, 18:44

The answer is alcohol. Nutrients that provide calories include carbohydrate, protein, fat and alcohol.

Each gram of alcohol yields 7 calories.


02-08-2001, 19:49
Bill said, "Each gram of alcohol yields 7 calories."

But didn't I read somewhere that the charred white oak barrel soaks them up and filters them all out?


02-08-2001, 21:04
Oh, if only that were true.........