View Full Version : Zuidam Millstone rye 40%

03-09-2012, 16:33

The Whisky Connosr World Whisky Review newsletter profiles several country whisky..Sweden, Australia, Welsh, Amrut and this Dutch whisky.

Zuidam - whisky's flying Dutchmen

One of several whisky profiles...the Rye looks interesting.

"Millstone rye 40%

This has improved significantly in recent years and now the rye is an assertive senior partner in a whisky which boasts aniseed, liquorice, cherry and dark chocolate as well as some citrus fruit in the mix."

Not sure if this is exported to the U.S. Binny's only has Dutch gin and vodka.
The notes promise a tasty rye....can anyone confirm?

03-09-2012, 16:54

Here is an importer but not sure where distributed.