View Full Version : Brothers From Another Mother - Pritchard's Double Barreled

03-18-2012, 15:54
Picked up some Prichard’s Double Barreled over the weekend. Already had his brother, the Single Malt Whiskey – which I have to admit, was relegated to my bottom shelf. Fingers crossed as was hoping that they were not twins but brothers from another mother. Was presently surprised at the Double Barreled as I found his character and finish to be on par with some of the mid-priced bourbons. A value pour in my humble opinion. Thought it was worth a revisit - so wondering if any of my bourbon brethren felt the same?

03-18-2012, 16:26
Nice Union. Don't see one of those everyday.

03-18-2012, 20:13
I don't have any nice watches. If this trend continues I may have to buy one.

the Duff
03-19-2012, 11:18
I didn't care for it. Tasted to young for its price (tried it at a bar) and was way too hot for its proof. Couldn't really find any redeeming qualities.

03-19-2012, 13:27
Brothers from another mother is right. The single malt is distilled by Prichard's, the bourbon they get from one of the Kentucky distilleries.