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03-22-2012, 21:56
I've decided to open all my american bottles, so tomorrow a bunch of friends will be tested

The Agenda is :

1. Charbay III LAWS Edition I, Distilled Feb 1999, Bottled October 2011, Barrel no. 1 69.1%

"Historic Bourbons"

2. Evan Wiliams 7yo 4/5 Quart 90 proof
3. Evan Williams 7yo 750ml 90 proof
4. Evan Williams 2000 Single Barrel 43.3%, Barrel 117, Barreled on 11/08 2000, Bottled 30/10 2009
5. Elijah Craig 12yo 47%
6. I. W Harper 40% 15yo (Old Bernheim)
7. A. H. Hirsch 1974 16yo 45.8% (Pensylvania)

8. Johhny Drum Private Stock 50.5% (HH?)
9. Willet 13yo Barrel 3718 62% (HH?)
10. Kirkland 7yo 51.5% Batch B-5183 (Jim Beam?)

11. Pappy van Winkle 15yo 53.5%
12. Pappy van Winkle 20yo 45.2%
13. William Larue Weller 66.75%
14. George T. Stagg 71.5%

Dinner Break

15. WhistlePig 10yo 50% 100% Rye
16. High West Double Rye 46% (2yo 95%Rye, 5%Barley LDI, 16yo 53%Rye, 37%Corn, 10% Barley Barton)
17. High West Rendezvous 46% (6yo 95%Rye, 5%Barley LDI, 16yo 53%Rye, 37%Corn, 10% Barley Barton)
18. Rittenhouse 100 proof Bottled in Bond TWE Single Barrel

19. High West 12yo (12yo 95%Rye, 5%Barley LDI)
20. High West 21yo (21yo 53%Rye, 37%Corn, 10% Barley Barton, reused cooperage)

21. Sazerac 18yo 45%
22. Rittenhouse 25yo Barrel 6 50%
23. Bitter Truth 24yo 69.2%

I hope a Jefferson 18 and WL Weller 12 arrives today to complete the list


03-22-2012, 22:05
That's a lot of bourbon! Some good ones in there though.

03-22-2012, 22:06
Before anyone get chocked by the amount I will say we do 1cl pours.

1cl pours might be little to some, but with practise its very sufficient amount to sample. We are experienced in doing this :-)

Plenty of water and coffee (coffee is a good palate cleanser) and a couple of breaks included

Amount of alcohol is like 5 pints of beer, over quite a few hours (7 TYPICALLY). In the end my palate can be a little worn, but this is mainly due to the food which actually does the greatest harm. But I do have a lot of food allergies which does't exactly help. But avoiding food totally isn't good either

We might get a bit drunk in the end, but this is usually due to all the beers and the extra drams :-)


03-23-2012, 07:08
What time should I show up?

03-23-2012, 07:24
Hell of a lineup. You must really like your friends.

03-23-2012, 07:25
You'd better get drunk with all that whiskey on your table! That's almost as many samples as I'm going to try to cram in in 4 hours of WhiskyFest. As always, any physical, emotional effects, slurring of speech, etc. is purely incidental...

Might I add one correction to your list? The 16-year old rye used as a component in the Rendezvous Rye is not the same as the one from the Double Rye. The Rendezvous one is 80% rye, 10% corn and 10% barley malt. That whiskey is also available in High West's portfolio as a standalone 16-year old, whereas the Double Rye component has not to my knowledge been made available outside the blend.

03-23-2012, 07:28
Hell of a lineup. You must really like your friends.

Betcha Steffen's friends really like him, too! :)

03-23-2012, 10:07
Really impressive.

What was your reasoning on the order? It looks like bourbon before dinner and rye after.

03-23-2012, 16:44
Great idea. I did it a few years ago with single malts.
I need to do it with bourbon/rye now to thin the herd.
I always think it'd be nice to hire a cook/chef, too.

Have fun! Don't see how you can't.:cool:

03-23-2012, 19:47
Thanks for the correction Aaron:-)

Yes Sku, we will do ryes after dinner, I hope the food wont screw the whiskies up


03-25-2012, 09:47
A very good set

I was surprisingly positive impressed by a few of the bottles. The oldest 7yo Evan Williams was wonderfal and absolutely delicious. Old bottle effect or different whisky, I can't tell ?

The Willet was also very delicious.

I wasn't that impressed with the Johnny Drum which was slightly sulphured, and I must say that the superhigh rye whiskies like WhistlePig and Double Rye, especially the latter fell through in this company

The rest were more or less as expected :-)

I didnt succeed in converting everybody to bourbon fans but 7/9 seemed to enjoy the day while the last two was having a long hard day...:-)


10-13-2012, 00:44

Going through a range of bourbon and ryes again. Here is todays agenda. A few bottles will be added like the Thomas Handy, and a HH Cadenheads, and hopefully that Willet in a pot still shaped bottle