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03-28-2012, 15:52
DOVER — A bill that would allow small-scale liquor distilleries in Delaware has cleared a Senate committee.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to release the bill, which creates a framework for issuing licenses to distill spirits.
The license fee would be $1,500 every two years, and so-called “craft distilleries” could make and sell up to 750,000 proof gallons of distilled spirits a year.

Licensees also would be able to sell liquor for consumption on or off the premises.

Microbrewery, brew pubs and farm wineries located in Delaware would be eligible to own and operate distilleries as well.

The legislation now goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

Bourbon Boiler
03-28-2012, 16:26
Good news. Hope it goes through. Georgia just had a bill pass both houses for existing distilleries to allow tastings. Looks like the momentum is on the side of loosening the restrictions a bit.