View Full Version : Fireside Colorado Straight Whiskey

04-24-2012, 20:13
Has anyone else had the chance to try this? Just got back from the distillery and I had two Living Social coupons for a bottle of whiskey half off (Reg. price is $24). My summary:

The distillery is in N. Denver and must be the only business open within a couple of blocks (maybe I'm exaggerating). It is in a warehouse building with a garage door that opens for nice weather. The still is supposedly all glass but I didn't get a chance to see it as it in the back room and they weren't doing tours.

The whiskey is thin but not unpleasant. There is no finish to it but no burn either. I wish it was bottled at a higher proof (currently 80) but it was very smooth. I also tried their gin which isn't in stores yet because the label hasn't been approved. It was bland and I would recommend Roundhouse or Rob's Mtn. gin for local gins over this.

I asked the bartender and she said that they distilled everything and that this 4yo whiskey was theirs. SKU says that they have only had a license within the past year. I don't take the bartender's word here and the distillers/owners were not around to ask.

Bottom line: I'm glad that I got the bottles half off, but I wish I had only bought one coupon. I probably won't but another bottle, but if I was in the neighborhood I would drop in for a drink there.