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07-03-2003, 12:46
When my grandfather died a number of years back, he had a bottle in his liquor cabinet. It was shaped much like a maple-syrup jug. It was labeled "Hiram Walker's Little Brown Jug."

I am fairly certain it was bourbon (at least I thought so at the time, and am still under that impression). There was only a little left, and I had it, and it was my first ever, and it was the best I've ever tasted.

I've looked in vain for this. I've searched for references to it online (I searched this forum, even). If anyone has any info on it, I'd be most grateful.


07-03-2003, 18:55
I've never heard of it. My suspicion is that it was a limited, specialty bottling, significant primarily for the packaging.

Hiram Walker is a Canadian company known primarily for Canadian whisky, but they used to have a distillery in Peoria, Illinois, that made bourbon. The main bourbon that bears the Hiram Walker name today is Hiram Walker's Ten High, a reasonably good low-priced bourbon made at the Barton Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

07-03-2003, 20:33
We (Heaven Hill) used to have the Hiram Walker contract...We did not make the whiskey we were just contracted to do the bottling...Just like we bottle all of the MOHAWK products...

It's been many years since we bottled for them (Hiram Walker)...It's still referred (in talk) as a reference point of time...Such as...Were you hired in on the Hiram Walker contract?

Oh Well, I don't know where they ended up...but here is a link with some history of Hiram Walker....

hiram walker history (http://www.walkervilletimes.com/whisky-palace.htm)

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