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02-18-2001, 14:29
Hello, I have a sister that lives in KY. And lately I have been asking here to get various Bourbons for me that are not available to me here in Florida. My sister is 63 and I am 52. Dean (my sister) lost here husband 20 yrs ago she partly blames Bills drinking on his death. I only meet him once. But Dean clamis he was an alcholic. Over the years I drank very seldom a 1-2 drinks a week at most. The past couple years I started to have 2 glasses of wine on weekends and ofter found it gave me a headache. A friend suggested it might be from sulfites in the wine and asked if I got any headaches when I drank anything else. So I started my love afair with Bourbon. I will have 2-3 2oz drinks 6 nights a week. And Dean thinks this is awfull I know she loves me and seems to be afraid I will kill myself just like here husband. I tell here I am fine. I am curious as to how much any of the others members on the forum drink how ofter and how much. I realize some may not want to fess up. I do not drink and drive and when business takes me away from home I almost never drink. Thanks in advance creggor. By the way I do not get headaches with Bourbon.

02-18-2001, 16:07
Well Creggor everyone here knows that I drink quite a bit. I think a cup of bourbon a day is moderate enough for my granny, but I drink about half a bottle at a time and sometimes the entire bottle if I'm feeling good or the bourbon is supurb. To me this is moderate. If you're drinking a half a gallon a day of some cheap hooch; living in a pup tent or cardboard box because you can't hold a job then you've got yourself a little problem.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

02-19-2001, 11:10
According to the way such things are scored in marketing, more than 5 drinks per week makes you a heavy drinker, although "heavy" is not meant to be perjorative. Medical evidence says that 2 drinks per day is "moderate." Of course, you have to factor in body size. It is not unreasonable to assume that if 2 drinks is "moderate" for an "average" 175 pound male, then 3 drinks is "moderate" for a 265 pound male, etc.

Most people agree that problem drinking is not a matter of how much you drink. It's a matter of whether or not it affects your life in a negative way, squeezing out other activities, causing problems with family and friends, with work, etc. Tell your sister if she has a problem with some behavior of yours that she thinks is caused by drinking, she should let you know, but the drinking itself should not be an issue.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)