View Full Version : Need Bourbon Assistance in Portland, OR

05-09-2012, 22:46
Hello Portlanders,

I could use your help. I'm planning a bachelor party for a close friend of mine for the weekend of June 1. He's a picky scotch and tequila drinker primarily, but also enjoys bourbon and craft beers. I'd be really grateful for any suggestions you could give me on places to enjoy these lovely liquids in Portland. He'd be equally happy at dive bars and high-end artisanal spots like Clyde Common.

I'm particularly interested in good whiskey or spirits bars, breweries that have fun tours or tasting rooms, and anything else related to spirits and beer that might be a good time for a bunch of out-of-towners. I really want to give my friend a memorable send-off, so your help would be appreciated. If you have thoughts on other good stuff to do in Portland (yes, he wants to go to Devil's Point), that'd be great, too.

And if any of you are planning to be in the LA/Santa Barbara area, let me know so I can return the favor.